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Welcome to the Official Site of 11 year-old entrepreneur 

Emma "Sideline" Rockland!

It’s the first day of summer in Elyria Heights, Ohio, and fifth grader Emma “Sideline” Rockland is hungry. After the disappearance of her small-time criminal parents, Sideline borrows $3.67 from Big Steve, the local grocer, and begins a business that will make her the richest sixth grader in town by fall. 


The first in a series, Sideline: Book One takes middle grade readers on an adventure through the world of a child determined to not only survive, but thrive. Readers will enjoy each page as Sideline builds a secret fortune to help her struggling family and a group of friends from all walks of life. 

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"Sideline is a wonderfully    engaging middle-school novel   about an 11 year-old   entrepreneur who  builds a   business and  engages   her community.  Loved it!"

Linda Bubon,

Women & Children First Bookstore

Chicago, IL

"This book---Sideline (Book One)---will be   loved by parents and children alike.   Great lessons for the whole family.” 

Julie Tauber Waller, 

LaSalle Language Academy, 

Chicago, IL

What People are
Saying About Sideline 

"When I read Sideline my first   impression was that the main   character reminded me of Nancy   Drew - strong and resourceful. The   difference is while Nancy used her   wits to uncover mysteries, Sideline   uses her wits to gain stability and   control in her life. This is a strong   and important message for young   people."

Michelle Gunderson,

Nettlehorst Elementary,

Chicago, IL

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